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OUR MISSION is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting women in navigating through relational abuse (including domestic violence, intimate partner violence, coercive control, etc.) 

safely and effectively, leveraging the communal, hyper-local wisdom and resources of other women who have navigated similar situations


An Ally for All 

When women face adversity they feel stuck and overwhelmed. Her Life Ally provides network of women allies who have lived through the same adversity.  


Through a 1:1 peer support model an ally helps a  journeyer identify, navigate, and activate tactical support with the individual’s well being at the center

Our dream is to create a two-sided platform which matches a Journeyer (a woman actively facing relational abuse), with an Ally (a woman who has faced the same challenges and/or has a deep expertise in that vertical).

In the United States, Journeyers will be presented with a tiered selection of Allies ranging from free to potentially $50/hr, and $250/hr with different qualification levels and training. We will implement different localized pricing tiers as we expand globally. 80% of revenue from Journeyers or donated would pass through to the Allies providing scalable economic mobility for Women. 

On the back end, Her Ally is developing pools of hyper-local resources and recommended professionals specific to the relational abuse and location. For example, when women face domestic violence, they find themselves googling “Domestic Violence divorce lawyers” who vary in charging practices and degree of advocacy for women. We have developed guidelines for women interviewing family lawyers, and are curating a list of recommended lawyers in specific regions. Long-term we would build in an internal journeyer rating system for professionals. Allies are also equipped with these resources and information. Importantly, Her Ally does not replace professional support, but rather augments the support network around women so they can find the support they critically need when faced with relational abuse.

If you want to learn more about our vision see our Her Ally Journey here

Come join us and help make this a reality in any way you can. 


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